Celebrate The Life Of Your Loved Ones By Honoring Their Past


The past 100 years have shown great advancements and also unprecedented times of war and suffering.  With so much history transpiring in such a small proximity of time, chances are a family member was there and experienced one of these moments firsthand.  You’ll never know what amazing stories lay buried like hidden gems within your own family unless you ask, and when you do, you can share these stories with us.  We guarantee you won’t be the only one to find them amazing.

How many times have you been to a funeral of a loved one and realized you found out more about them after their death, than you knew about them during their life? Didn’t you wish you could have had the opportunity to hear and share their story? Well, now you can right here at shareyourfamilyhistory.com.

Our mission is to bring families together by learning more about each other now rather than later.  We provide the platform for you to share your family stories, photos and videos, and they can live on to be shared by generations to come. Sharing is caring, and the stories you share today will empower those who read them tomorrow.  Honor the past by sharing these amazing stories today.

When registering to the site you may find that your registration email went to spam. Please check your spam folder for the registration email. And please make sure to add admin@shareyourfamilyhistory.com to your contact list for all future correspondence.

So, register today and let’s start reminiscing.

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